Children's Stewardship


Children’s Offertory Envelope Program


Everyday children in our society are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages. Current estimates are that the average child receives 3,000 advertising messages a day. For the most part these messages tell our children that they are not good enough unless they wear the right clothes, drink the right soda or even carry the right cell phone. It is important that in church our children hear a different message. They need to hear the stewardship message; God has already given them many unique and special gifts; they are loved & blessed just as they are, right now. In fact, they are so blessed, they have something to share with the rest of the world.


For this reason, we are going to begin a children’s stewardship program in September 2016. This will include:

· An offertory envelope program, which will allow our children to place their own gifts to God in the offertory basket once a month during family worship.

· Children participating in Family Sunday worship as readers, ushers & greeters

· Children’s artwork featured in the worship bulletins.

Parent’s role:

· Teach your children to put a portion of their allowance and/or money earned in their First Church envelope once a month. We do not expect you to supply them with this money. It is more important that they put in a coin from their allowance and feel proud of that contribution than put five dollars from mom’s or dad’s wallet. It raises their self-esteem to know they can contribute to the good in our world.

· Sign your child up to be a reader, usher and/or greeter on the first Sunday of the month.

· Encourage your child to create a picture showing what church means to them to be printed in the worship bulletin.

Contact Cori to discuss your child participating in the 10 am worship service.