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On Saturday April 27 the community group SOS Trees - Save Our Shade is
giving away free trees in our church's parking lot from 10 am to 4 pm!

Old Saybrook residents have organized around the concern for our community’s tree canopy.
Several residents observed that many of our trees on public and private lands were being cut
down or were disfigured due to trimming. The result is a continual loss of our town’s tree
canopy, the layer of leaves, branches and stems that provide shade over our grounds.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture iTree measurement tool, Old
Saybrook has the lowest % of tree canopy (47%) as compared to our shoreline neighbors and
the second lowest in Middlesex County. According to iTree there are about 7,892 acres of
plantable land for increasing the critical health, economic and environmental benefits of a
strong and healthy tree canopy in Old Saybrook.
Please SOS Trees- ‘ Save our Shade’ in this effort by adding a tree to your business or personal
landscape. We will provide a free tree and the resources for proper care and maintenance. You
can also donate to help us purchase more trees to giveaway. Our free tree giveaway is April 27
in celebration of Arbor Day. Please contact us or Thank you, Carolyn N. Lyle Chair SOS Trees.