First Church of Christ in Saybrook is thankful for every pledge and donation.  At the same time, the Giving Team wants to make sure that we are as transparent as possible with the Congregation regarding our current situation.  Towards that end, you’ll find an analysis of last years pledges.  This analysis shows the number of pledge units in several increments, starting at annual pledges below $500 and going up through annual pledges in excess of $15,000.  
The top 6 pledges currently account for over 42% of the total pledge amount.  To be so reliant on so few seems “unhealthy.”
How to fix it?  Increase the total number of pledges and/or increase pledge amounts.
We provide this information simply to ensure that all members and friends of the Congregation are well informed.
Again, we thank EVERYONE for their pledges and donations in the past and ask that you continue to provide support for our operations and missions in the future.
Because of YOU, our Church changes lives.
Please see the download below for the 2023 analysis.