You are invited to join an experience of building and strengthening your relationship with God through an exploration of spiritual practices designed to bring a sense of calm into your daily life. Spiritual practices are known to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and reduce cortisol levels leading to improved well-being even in times of stress. Let’s gather together to play with simple ways we can all do even in the midst of a crazy day that can bring calm focus to smooth the way forward.  

We will be available in the connector before and after service to provide conversation, information and resources.

Chair: Debbie Ringen

Members: Anne Shea, Kitty Coyne

Prayer Practice Resources

UCC Daily Devotional  
D365 Devotional every day of the year 
Lectio Divina  

(A Scripture-studying process that engages personal reflection and prayer, during which the individual focuses on significant words and phrases in a Bible passage.)

Guided Meditation

Four Pebbles Thich Nhat Hanh

Come as you are, come as you can.