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The prayer shawl ministry at First Church continues a time-honored tradition of hand-knitting and giving prayer shawls to anyone in need of healing, comfort or solace, as well as for celebrations like baptism and weddings. The volunteers meet monthly, spending a structured meditative hour knitting as a group. Participants bring their own supplies and can choose their own colors an designs. The basic pattern is provided. An adult prayer shawl is 60 inches long and requires three skeins of yarn. 

Prayer shawls are described in the Old Testament, where God commanded they be worn by Jewish men as a visible symbol of personal commitment to the Word of God. The original word for the shawl means “tassels,” which can be seen on Jewish religious garb to this day. As a Jew, Jesus is thought to have worn such a garment. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell of people touching the fringe of his garment (shawl) to be healed, believing that the healing power was actually in the shawl.

The shawls created by the prayer shawl ministry group are imbued with love and prayer and are treasured by those who receive them. Anyone who wants to join this ministry team is welcome.

Please contact the church office for more information on our prayer shawl program.